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Pests driving you up the wall? You should never have to feel uncomfortable in your own home! V Red Smith Pest Control is passionate about removing nuisance pests and bugs, allowing our customers to feel comfortable in their home again. If you’re searching for an exterminator in Waterloo, IL, we’re here for you.


Comprehensive Extermination Services

No matter the pest in question, V Red Smith Pest Control has decades of experience and continues to be the region’s most trusted exterminator. We handle everything from spiders and roaches to ants and termites. These are some of the most common pests homeowners and businesses face, and we’ve perfected a range of solutions that are guaranteed to give you back your property. 

Common Pests


Termites are a homeowner’s enemy. Hiding in crawl spaces and walls to avoid sunlight, they can go undetected for years, causing thousands of dollars in damage before you even know they’re there. That’s where we come in. Through a detailed inspection, our team will determine whether you’re dealing with a termite infestation, checking the interior of your home for droppings and termite galleries and examining the exterior of your home for mud tubes. After detection, we will apply the necessary termiticide to your yard and foundation. Termite damage is often not covered by insurance, so it’s crucial to hire a professional to ensure infestations are properly treated.


One crumb was dropped and now an entire colony of ants has decided to make your house their new home. You’ve tried every spray possible, but they just won’t go! Don’t worry—you’ll never see another ant in your house again once we’ve finished.


No one likes a cockroach, especially not in their home. Cockroaches are notoriously resilient, but we have treatments and solutions that will get rid of them for good.


Many people are terrified of a single spider, but when you have an infestation, you might not feel safe in your own home. Trust our professional exterminators to remove these eight-legged creatures from your home.

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